Baptist Convention – Unashamed

This week Kathryn and I spent a few days gathering with over 8000 other Southern Baptist at the Convention. I look forward to sharing with you some of the awesome things that we have done together as Baptist this year! We heard some great preaching, and saw our convention once again reaffirm it’s purpose. The word we heard spoken the most beyond any other single word was the word “gospel”. One of my favorite preachers, Dr. James Merritt, stated that the greatest single statement anyone has ever spoken comes from Romans 1:16. I quickly turned my Bible to the text to see what it said! How did I not have the single greatest statement in the Bible not already committed to my memory! Paul wrote these simple and profound words, “I am not ashamed of the gospel”. The pastor had an interesting way of describing our world today. Dr. Merritt stated, “We live in a society that is constantly ashamed of what is right and completely unashamed of what is wrong!” He went on to say, “It is a day when compromise has shut the mouth of conviction, and when the Gospel has been silenced by fear of ridicule.” Paul said ,”I’m not ashamed of the Gospel.” Paul gives some amazing reasons in this verse not to be ashamed that you should read when you get a chance. This is a time when the world needs Southern Baptist to be people who are unashamed of the Gospel! Billy Graham once said, “I wouldn’t cross the street to talk to someone about religion, but I will go around the world to talk to someone about the gospel.” David Platt said, “Every saved person this side of heaven owes the gospel to every unsaved person this side of hell.” Can you think of anything more important in life than the Gospel? Let us live like Paul and not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Let us shout it from the rooftops of Community Rehab. Let us share it tenderly to children at Brownwood Camp. Let us take it to the skyscrapers of New York City! Let us proclaim it in the hills of Falls Creek Youth Camp. Let us proclaim it to the mountains of Honduras, and let us never forget to share it with our neighbors!!!!  

Daniel Harper