Tres Gringos return!!!

We are back on American soil!!!! Can’t wait to get home and share what God is doing in and amongst the Chorti people in Honduras!! Thank you for the prayer and support!! See you soon!!!

Tres Gringos Day 3

Tonight is our final evening in Copan Ruinas. It has been a wonderful trip. We have packed a lot into the time we were here. Today we visited 4 more villages. We were greeted with smiles & hugs in each one. The Chorti are so appreciate of the support & encouragement we offer. They continue to grow stronger in their faith. Two of the villages reported that they have begun Bible studies in neighboring villages. WE are the ones receiving encouragement from hearing their reports. We prayed, sang, preached, & shared…then did it all again. The love of Jesus needs no interpreter. Thank you to our church family for your prayers & words of encouragement. They have been felt & appreciated. ​​

Tres gringos day 2!!

It has been a wonderful day here in Honduras!!  We have spent most of the day worshiping with the Chorti people in different villages!! We have also had lots of great opportunity to fellowship with them and get to know who they are!! These are some incredible people!! The distances they travel on foot to worship is just amazing!!!  Humbling is a great word to describe the Chorti people’s dedication.  The body of Christ is alive and well here in Honduras, yet needs some love and support from the church in America.  When you think of that phrase “primed and ready” you should think of the Chorti people!!  God is ready to blow this thing wide open here and I’m excited to have the opportunity to be a part of his will here in and amongst His Church!! Thank you so much for all the prayer, and keep them coming!!   imageimageimageimageimageimageimage  

Evening Thoughts from Daniel

We have arrived in Honduras. I know it seems like a far distant land, but it really was not all that long of a trip. We spent several hours driving to Houston. From there the plane ride was only a few hours. We arrived at San Pedro Sula around lunch time. I ate a Baconator (hamburger) at Wendy’s. Then we were picked up by a local Christian man for transport to Copan Ruinas. That drive was exciting and a bit perilous at times! We spent the rest of the evening getting familiar with the area, learning about the Chorti, and eating. We look a lot like tourist, but unlike tourists who might travel to these same places just to see the sights and sample the cuisines, we have come to meet the people who live here. We have come to listen, to learn, and to share the love of Christ with those we meet. We have been privileged to break bread with these new friends, to hear their incredible stories, and to laugh, cry, and celebrate with them. And as I leave each encounter I find myself carrying their stories in my heart. There is a misunderstanding we often have about the poor—believing that we who have so much are the ones in the position to offer help to those who have so little. But what I am learning is that we are the ones who are poor in many ways and they are the ones who are rich: rich in wisdom, community, perseverance, courage, faith, and even joy. I learn of men and women who have next to nothing, and yet give all they have to see the Gospel go forth. I hear of men that come together from poor mountain villages to sit in 6 hour Bible studies so they can return and share what they learn. They have much to teach us about living, loving, overcoming, and celebrating the great things of God. I am humbled by their dedication. I am challenged by it. Tomorrow we head to the mountains to meet the Chorti in their villages. Pray as we go that God would continue His mighty work among these amazing people. 

Tres gringos day 1

We had a long curvy ride to the mission house.  I can say I am no longer scared to drive in the metroplex lol!!   First of all Honduras is beautiful!! The mountains and vegetation reminded me of the fly by view on the movie Jurassic  Park.  If you are a nerd like I am you will get it.  We have had a great afternoon of fellowship with the local missionaries Steve and Audrey!  Learned a little about the Chorti people and got a game plan for the next few days!   Looking foreword to seeing the Church in action here in Honduras and learning how we can support them in their growth!! Thanks again for the prayers!!! 

FBC De Leon | First Trip to Honduras

Daniel Harper, James Venable, and Mark Beaty will travel to Copan Ruinas, Honduras on Tuesday, October 4th through Friday, October 7th to explore mission opportunity partnerships. Prayer Requests:
  • Travel safety
  • Steve, Audrey, Edgardo (missionaries in Honduras)
  • Interpreters
  • Chorti Indian people group
  • Mission team health
  • Mission team will be open to God’s leadership & guidance