Honduras Medical Mission Trip – Day 2 – Sunday

We headed out early in the morning for the long and bumpy drive up the mountain to Las Medias for Sunday morning worship. We began the trip with sixteen people packed like sardines in two small trucks. Every time Edguardo would pass someone along the path he would stop and they would climb in. We ended up with 24 people and instruments in those same two small trucks! Edguardo was bringing people to church. That’s all that mattered! The village had chairs set up and ready at worship time. Gregorio is the leader in this village. He was the one who was sick last visit. We had to rush him to the clinic in town. He has regained his strength and appeared to be doing great.  I hope you all get to witness a Chorti worship service some day. These believers really are such a blessing to watch worship and preach. They preach long and hard. I was given an opportunity to preach the message today.  I was right at home! It was such an honor to share God’s Word with such a wonderful group of believers.  Kathryn helped sort medication today. The medical work takes a lot of preparation. We are thankful that the team from North Carolina already did the majority of the work before they left. We will be heading out first thing tomorrow to the first village for the clinic. I’m excited i share the Gospel all day tomorrow! We spent a few free hours this afternoon walking around the Mayan Ruins in Copan. The Mayans that built these ruins are direct descendants of the Chorti we are ministering to. It was sobering to hear and see the evidence from long ago when the Mayans participated in human sacrifice. Some of the less violent ancient beliefs still linger within their culture.  We are declaring the truth of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is contrary to these polytheistic and brutal beliefs that they have held for centuries. We have seen the power of Christ at work. The powers that have held these areas in captivity are being driven out as the Chorti Christians carry the Gospel throughout the mountains!  We will see a lot of sick people this week. Pray that everyone on the team stays healthy! Pray the Gospel goes out, and the love of Jesus is shared. The Chorti Christian’s love and zeal for the Lord is contagious! That is one thing we wouldn’t mind catching some this week! We hope to bring some home to De Leon!  Thank you for your continued prayers. Specifically pray for the village of Neuva San Isidroe tomorrow. 

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