Honduras Medical Mission Trip – Day 4 – Tuesday

Today we left early in the morning to the village of Leonita. This was a brand new village for the Honduras Evangelistic Association. It is unique in that we have never done a ministry there. We did not know what to expect, but we knew immediately that God had gone before us. Leonita has an amazing school house, and averages 40-50 students. The students and teachers were there when we arrived. They helped us clear the classrooms. In about thirty minutes the school was converted into a chapel, doctors clinic, and pharmacy. The lines of people began to form almost immediately. The system was set up just as in the previous day. The people first registered and came to the chapel. Edguardo, Jesus , and myself were there ready and waiting to share the Gospel with them. We alternated sharing to each group of people. Jesus and I worked on using different New Testament text each time to share the Gospel. We had fun learning from one another. The groups were all responsive and eager to hear the words that were spoken.  One of the women was very active during the message. She excitedly shouted amen when I shared about the love of Christ. We knew she must be a Christian. I grabbed an interpreter and we talked with her after the Gospel presentation. She said that there were around 25 believers within the community, but that the nearest church was miles and miles away. There were a few of them that made the journey occasionally on Sunday, but the difficult roads made it impossible to do every week. Their houses were too small, and the state school does not allow them to meet in the school buildings. Perhaps God will provide the means, location, and opportunity to build them a meeting place in this community.  The nurses, doctors, and pharmacist worked diligently ministering to the village. They saw around 145 patients total in the 6 hours we were there.  Thank you for your continued prayers. We will be serving tomorrow in the village La Huertona. The ag folks have worked there before, but the Bible Study there died out when they left. We hope to see God get things started again through this team visit.  Kathryn started our day out with a devotion from Matthew 25:35. She closed by reading the lyrics to the Fanny Crosby hymn “Rescue the Perishing.” Take time later to read the verse, and I’ll close today’s post with the words to the song.  Fanny Crosby – Rescue the Perishing Rescue the perishing, care for the dying, Snatch them in pity from sin and the grave; Weep o’er the erring one, lift up the fallen, Tell them of Jesus, the mighty to save. Rescue the perishing, care for the dying, Jesus is merciful, Jesus will save. Though they are slighting Him, still He is waiting, Waiting the penitent child to receive; Plead with them earnestly, plead with them gently; He will forgive if they only believe. Down in the human heart, crushed by the tempter, Feelings lie buried that grace can restore; Touched by a loving heart, wakened by kindness, Chords that were broken will vibrate once more. Rescue the perishing, duty demands it; Strength for thy labor the Lord will provide; Back to the narrow way patiently win them; Tell the poor wand’rer a Savior has died. RESCUE THE PERISHING IN DE LEON THIS WEEK!!!