Honduras Medical Mission Trip – Day 6 – Thursday

The village of Chonco was our destination today! We started the morning with breakfast, prayer, and a devotion. The devotion was about the many commands to fear not from the Bible. Fear is a topic the Bible addresses quite often. Fear is very dangerous in that it often works against faith.  Fear should never be our motivation in life. The safest place to be is being exactly where God wants you to be. The mountains of Honduras can be the greatest safe haven in the world if God calls you to them! We had an opportunity right away to test the truth in this devotion.  Steve was sick today so I was given the keys to the truck to drive up the mountain! My passengers or prayer partners for the journey were unsure about this arrangement. We let faith guide us rather than fear. It was the kind of faith Hebrews talks about. It was faith without sight because I was so scared I had my eyes closed for most of the way! We arrived safely and carried all the supplies up the long stairs to the school house. (above) The school was built on the top of the hill. When we got there the children were still having class.  We cleared the classrooms and set up the clinic and pharmacy. The pastor I have been working with  named Jesus had to leave us today. His wife was going into labor. Please pray for Jesus and his family! They are excitingly expecting a newborn boy in the next few hours. The first group to share the Gospel to were the children in the school. I shared the Gospel with them using the story of the blind man that Jesus healed. They had a good time letting me pretend to wipe mud and spit into their eyes.  There continued to be a steady stream most of the morning through the clinic. They saw around 80 people with various ailments. One blind woman was referred to another clinic. The doctor suspects there may be a chance for her to see again. One small infant had a tumor the size of an apple on her head. She will also be referred. Many others received antibiotics, lice treatment, worm medicine, and other medications. This woman named Maria had been hit by a motorcycle by a pastor. When Kathryn asked her if it was me she smiled and said YES!  This village only had one church, and it is Catholic. (Pictured below) Many Protestant believers live in Chonco, but do have church to attend. While I shared the Gospel and the medical team worked, Edguardo (our lead missionary and pastor to the Chorti) visited with the men of the community about starting a Bible Study.(Edguardo is facing us with sunglasses on his head) The men were very excited and actually set a date when to begin!  God worked many miracles today in Chonco. Pray for this community. Pray for those that were really sick here that have been referred to other clinics. Pray for these men Edguardo visited with. This town desperately needs a evangelical church. Pray especially for a man named Lazareth. He is a new convert. God is really moving in his life! If we had listened to our fears we would never have come to Honduras. We were too busy, too behind, too worried about our kids, and too stressed to come. Then we simply let go of our fears and bought a plane ticket. We have dangled into ditches, climbed steep mountains, ate strange food, been around a lot of sickness, and gotten very little sleep….but we are still not afraid. There is a peace that comes when you know you are exactly where God has called you to be! Friday we will spend the day in Carrazilito. This is a church plant from another neighboring village. The Bible study group was started from members of the study at Mira Mundo. They are simply obeying he Great Commission!  Pray for Carrazilito. We want to meet physical needs tomorrow, and strengthen God’s work going on there!