FBC De Leon Medical Mission Trip 2017 – Day 8 – Saturday

The truck picked up our luggage this morning at 5:00 am. We ate breakfast, loaded the bus, and headed out on the 4.5 hour journey to San Pedro Sula. I wrongly stated the length of the drive in my first post! I cannot overstate the excitement of travel in Honduras. The picture below just gives a glimpse. Along the way one car had driven to their demise off of a cliff! Guard rails are not a luxury we have in Honduras!  We have made it to the airport safely, and are currently waiting for our plane to arrive. I thought I might take a second to recap the week.  Monday – 83 patients & 382 prescriptions Tuesday – 145 patients & 386 prescriptions Wednesday – 154 patients & 587 prescriptions  Thursday – 91 patients & 325 prescriptions  Friday – 91 patients & 395 prescriptions Those are not just numbers. They are beautiful people that God loves. They are people that this world has despised, overlooked, and undervalued. I am thankful for people like Steve and Audrey and those that we joined in this trip that allow God’s love to reach through them to the Chorti. I am thankful that God shares His heart toward the Chorti with us. I can personally attest that all 564 of these people heard the Gospel. Some of them were maybe a little young, but they all heard. We shared the love of Jesus with both our hearts and our hands. Please continue to pray for the Chorti and for the Honduras Evangelistic Association. Pray specifically for Steve, Audrey, Eguardo, the many Bible study leaders, Yadhira, and all their families. Pictured below from left to right are Yadhira (cooks and takes care of the mission house), her son Chester, Eguardo (lead chorti missionary), and Gabbie (Yadhira’s daughter.) Our plane is boarding so I will sign off. We should arrive home around midnight. We have had a great trip, but now it’s time to head back to our mission field in De Leon! We look forward to joining with our entire church mission team at home! The command in Matthew 28:19 is the same in De Leon as it is in Honduras! We have a lot of work to do! See you Sunday!