RA/GA Camp

We are starting day 3!! The kids are having a fabulous time – it is a little hot and humid but we are making the best of it!! Thanking you for praying for us — keep them coming God is moving !!!

Community Rehab Thursday 

As the week winds down, most of the homes are nearing completion. Some put on a last minute fight to the finish, while others have opportunity to spend extra time cleaning up and going the extra mile to beautify their projects. Here are a few pics from today – some get a little inventive when ladders aren’t handy! Since after worship on Friday we take down all the equipment and staging for our worship center, it usually ends up being a long day. There won’t be an update Friday night, but we encourage you to come to the FLC Sunday evening at 5:30 PM, eat supper and hear the Rehab wrap up and see the pictures of the “before and after” of all the homes. Come and be blessed by those sharing what God did in their lives this week.


Community Rehab Wednesday 

Today marks mid-week on the project. Even as we see lots of progress, there is still much to be done! High temperatures and little shade has had its effect on several (mostly the adults), so please continue to pray for physical wellness and wisdom to stay hydrated! Below you can see the entire group picture and a few more action shots, along with pictures of the next generation Rehab workers in training.

Community Rehab Tuesday 

We begin our day bright and early each morning with prayer at the homes. Tuesday usually signals the caulking and painting phase of the project. Students are ready to get to the fun of painting and away from scraping! We encourage you to join us at the Comanche High School for worship at 7 PM each evening. Our speaker, Stephen Storm has been bringing us a great message on the theme “Exiles” from 1 Peter 2:11 – come and encourage our students Wednesday night and be blessed yourselves.

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Community Rehab Monday 

Here are some pictures of our 40 students and 27 adults scraping paint, replacing windows, and tearing off roofs – hard workers with no injuries or complaints. A really great group! Please continue praying for their physical safety and spiritual journey this week.


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Community Rehab Sunday

Today we had everyone arrive – 104 adults and 183 students! Work begins tomorrow on 13 homes in Comanche County. Work will include new windows, doors, siding, paint, roofs, porches and ramps, but more importantly a chance to share Jesus in our community. Here are a few pictures of our students arriving and getting to know the others on their crew. Pray for safety as the work begins Monday morning!

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VBS 2017

Our student goal tonight was 150…we served 148 students.  Larry’s hair is safe another 24 hours!  The Prather’s hosted 34 5th-6th graders at their pool for a fun bible study!

VBS 2017 kick off night!

We had a record number of students Sunday night, serving 108 students.  By Monday night, our numbers grew to 142!  When we hit 150, Larry Harlin has agreed to shave his head!!!