Brenda’s Blog

An amazing trip! Just seeing the cultural differences is overwhelming. Crazy driving, dodging hoyas (potholes in Spanish), and steep roads to the extreme! Driving to Copan from the airport was the beginning of a week of new people, places and experiences.  The things that impacted me most were the sincerity of so many of the people we met and their simple joy. They were so thankful we were there and asked for prayer for health, family, jobs and good crops. How humbling. They are concerned about very basic needs; not a selfish request ever. The simplicity of their life and homes was also very eye-opening. Without fail, if they had the means, we were welcomed and offered a chair to sit in while we visited. The villagers were friendly and glad to have visitors. The children were especially excited to see our team; especially the young people. Something as simple as a game of soccer or playing a made-up game with them seemed to make their day!  It will be a special privilege to continue praying for the people we met; for their specific needs. For Victoria to be healed; for Salvador’s hip to stop hurting; for good coffee crops; for children to grow to know Jesus; and on and on. It’s an honor to ask God’s blessings for these sweet, hard working people.