Catlin’s Blog

When I heard that the church was going to do a mission trip to Honduras I instantly knew I wanted to come. But after I had already signed up to come I started to realize that this was way out of my comfort zone and I had never done anything like this before. As time grew closer and closer to come I started to worry and question myself if this was something I’d even be able to do because it was so far out of my comfort zone and I was taking a huge risk and step coming here. As the days grew closer to us flying and out I became more and more excited I didn’t really know why but I just knew I had to get here. When the day came for us to leave town and drive to Houston the anticipation was just unreal. Then Friday morning came and as we got up and ready and loaded back on the van to head to the airport and got threw security and waited in our flight I just got more anxious and more excited but also more nervous. This was not only a huge step for me but I think it was a big step for my parents to let me go as well, I think because it was such a big step for me to take and I think they were worried how I might react when I actually got here. But ever since we arrived I have never felt more comfortable. There might be a language barrier and I only know a few words in Spanish but that didn’t seem to matter to anyone here or to me either. Late Friday afternoon we finally arrived at the mission house and we started to get a little settled in and also began discussing how the week will kind of plan out. On Saturday morning we got up got ready and had breakfast then we waited for the different village leaders to arrive and one by one they did, they all walked in with such big smiles on there faces. Once everyone arrived we headed to the church down the road and had a bible study. While we were there they sang and prayed and when they sang there was absolutely no care in the world and I don’t think I’ve ever seen people get so into their singing before and also with their praying, and when they prayed a lot of people prayed out loud at the same time and there is just no way to explain how it was or sounded, it sent chills down my spine and all through my body. After we finished with the Bible study a group of us went to the Copán Ruines and got to learn some history about the area which was definitely very cool and very interesting. Sunday morning we went to the village of Otuta and had a morning service there. Again the way they sang and prayed and preached was just so moving and so much passion it was amazing and one of the best things I’ve ever heard. On Monday morning we went to the first village La Huertone, there was one classroom and several kids and we acted out David and Goliath for them had a coloring sheet and then we went outside and played with them for a couple of hours and hearing them laugh and see the biggest smiles on their faces is what makes being hot and sweaty and in an unfamiliar place completely worth it. After lunch we went on our first prayer walk for the week. Now I had never done a prayer walk before and had no idea what to expect. The group I was in went to about 6 houses on Monday talking and praying with the families and it was actually more than I ever expected it to be. I was honestly very uncomfortable at first I mean I’m just walking up to people and homes and just asking if we could pray for them. I’ve never done anything like that before but as we got to the last couple of houses it wasn’t so bad and I became a little more comfortable being there. On Tuesday we went to Castellona which was the biggest village we went to all week and by far my favorite day out of the week. When we arrived there were two classrooms and so we went to one then the other to act out David and Goliath and color with them. After we were done in both classes all the kids went up the hill with us to play. After about two hours they finally had to go and when we went down the hill and were saying by to them I had several girls come to me and hug me, I didn’t expect that to happen but when those little girls hugged me as tight as they did and then tell me they were going to miss me and us my heart just stopped and I wanted to cry because I’ve never had some kids just tell me that before. But there were a few of them that actually wanted to go with us through the village so we ate lunch and while we were eating about 6-8 kids waited for us until we were done and then went with us as we started our walk. I only had one little girl who ran up and grabbed my hand and didn’t let go unless she had to. She made my heart so happy the entire time we were there. We went to around 25 or so houses that day talking and praying with people and families and those girls led us all through the village showing us where different homes were for us to go to. I only prayed once and I honestly hated it because I do not like to pray out loud in front of people and in the middle of praying I completely stalled and Trish had to just say amen for me because there were no more words coming out of my mouth. But I was comfortable asking them questions just not praying. As we ended our walk and headed towards the school the little girl who was holding my hand all afternoon told me goodbye and my heart sank. I didn’t want to leave her there even though I knew that was her home but she just made my entire day honestly her name was Ana and she was just the sweetest little girl I’ve ever met. On Wednesday we went to Nuevo San Isidroe which is a Chorti village. Now that was an interesting ride into that village, there was no paved road on the way there and had to go down a very steep, rough and washed out road to get there. But when we arrived there was one classroom and not as many kids from the previous days, they all had on their bright blue uniforms and they were much more reserved than the other kids from the other villages. When we played with them the boys played soccer and the girls played their own games and they did not intermingle like the days before. They were definitely more timid and that’s okay because they were still sweet as can be. We only visited 9 homes there because where we were that’s all that was there. That afternoon we came home finished our shopping and for dinner Yadira made us a genuine Honduran meal and it was just absolutely amazing. On Thursday we visited Leonita which was a good sized village and that is where the Germans came and built them a new school. It was incredible. It was absolutely beautiful and definitely nicer then the previous days and they are so very lucky and blessed to have the school that they have. We had all the older kids and the kindergarteners in one room to color with and act for and then went and played and they had a blast as they always do. After lunch Audrey was a part of the group I was in and she took us to this house where she told us this woman was taking care of her sick son. When we got there it broke my heart, he is only seven years old and can’t speak or move and can only eat mashed up foods. But the mom takes amazing care of him which warmed my heart that she never gave up on him and you can tell she won’t ever give up on him. She is actually taking him to see a doctor on the 21st of July and they are going to see what else they might be able to do with him and show her some physical therapy she can do with him. After we finished up in the village we came back to the house changed and went to a coffee shop in town and then had our last night at Jim’s pizza which he had some of the best pizza, burgers and chicken I’ve ever tasted. All week we have had some amazing food here, between Yadira’s breakfast every morning the dinner she fixed we were definitely spoiled and I’m going to miss her cooking for sure. The best part about seeing Yadira every morning was the fact that she always had a smile in her face and was just the most kind hearted person. Now we also had the privilege to have Edgardo with us all week taking us to the villages everyday and he is just so passionate about what he does and making sure that each village can start up a bible study so that the villages can have a relationship with God and know that he is there with them. I have to say one of the biggest things I’ve learned this week is that these people do not have much at all and some barley have anything and have homes falling apart but none of that mattered to them because most of them didn’t know any different. Money didn’t matter to them, none of their prayer requests were ever about money it was always about good health for someone or their family in general the crops they had, etc. They were also so selfless and so kind and welcoming to all of us it was just amazing and one of the best feelings ever. I may not necessarily know why I was sent to Honduras yet but I am so happy God decided to. I need this kind of experience, I have talked about doing medical missions once I make it through nursing school and I think this trip gave me that little extra push that I needed to make sure I make it through school and do well. I know this is long I’ve probably left out so much that I could’ve added in but this is what was on my heart. I honestly don’t want to leave Friday morning at all. I honesty wish I could just stay here because I just absolutely love it. It is such a beautiful place to be and most everyone we have encountered has been so friendly and welcoming to us. But I can’t thank everyone enough for all the prayers we received before and during our trip to Honduras and I can not wait to come back in the future.