Lloyd’s Blog

As the time approached to come on this trip, I really didn’t have a specific reason other than I just wanted to see what Mark and Trisha loved so much. I told others that I wanted to help where I could and see where God led me. As I write this I still do not know where, when or even if God will bring me back. Yet my hope is to return not a rookie, but rather ready to move forward with Steve and Audrey in reaching out and praying for these wonderful people. But then more than praying, working to give these people a hope. Maybe first is the feeling that there are those who care, then to transfer that thought into realizing that there is a God who truly loves them. The sound of that seems mighty, but it will really come more from the simple acts that we do with and for them. It is difficult to describe a God who is mighty and can do all things to a person who is treated as second class or even less. To tell about His power in the midst of utter poverty. But to show His love in laughter and in tears, THAT is a God they can understand. What I see is not a great effort to reach every person in every village. But rather touch a few and give them the knowledge and tools to reach those around them. These people have nothing but they are gracious and usually quick to smile. They have a hard life and their prayer requests are basic, food and health. In which each are dependent on the other. A very simple people with very simple needs. As we prayed for these families I see that the only hope they will likely have is the hope in Christ Jesus that we share with them. I hope to return to Honduras. But I especially hope that we as the body of Christ see this as obeying our Lord in reaching out to the ” “ends of the earth” while yet reaching our Jerusalem and our Judeas as well.