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As I write this blog today, I can’t explain the bitter sweet feeling I have. I write this with tears in my eyes thinking about those who impacted my life and the lives I have impacted this week. Leaving behind the new friends I have met and the many kids that I will never forget is heart breaking. There is joy from this as well, though as I know they will forever remember our memories we have shared. I know this will not be my last visit and I know I will never forget the love Christ has given to me, to show to these kids. I will not forget the amount of prayer y’all have given as we have been here and before we left. I will also never forget the calling God has placed in my heart for missions. These people are so amazing and loving. The kids have been truly amazing. They showed me how to be humble and that no matter the color or language we have, we all share the same joy and love. They taught me to not be afraid to communicate even though we didn’t speak the same language. They helped me to grow in being able to open up about Christ and allowing me to show His love to them. I have been completely overwhelmed while here and there are not enough words for me to explain the love and joy I have felt. God truly is amazing and you see it everywhere here. A piece of me will forever be here in Honduras and I now have a second home. I can’t wait to visit back here because The Lord is not finished with me yet, or this place. Thank you guys again for all of your support and I’m looking forward to sharing all about it with y’all!

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