Terrie’s Blog

As the week winds down on my first trip to Honduras, I’ve been trying to reconcile my expectations versus reality. I was expecting to have to deal with motion sickness – it hasn’t happened. God is good and I took proper precautions. I was expecting for one or more of our team members to get sick as we’ve heard such horror stories about the water – it hasn’t happened. God is good and we’ve taken proper precautions. I was expecting to feel inconvenienced without the modern conveniences we are so used to – it hasn’t happened. God is good and television isn’t all that important anyway. And when everyone is flushing toilets with a bucket of water and using bottled water to brush your teeth, it just seems normal. And who needs air conditioning? Now, what I didn’t expect? I didn’t expect a country so beautiful it takes my breath away. I didn’t expect to laugh so hard riding in the back of a pickup, standing up no less. I didn’t expect to find a people so welcoming and gracious while having so little to bring me to tears. I didn’t expect to be so humbled by the insistence I sit on a chair or the offering of a small banana. I didn’t expect to feel so comfortable sharing my testimony, praying for others, giving a devotion or walking up to unknown residences. I didn’t expect to be so much more blessed than I was a blessing to others. I didn’t expect to be made so much more aware of how big our God is, to have a greater understanding of and how much He loves ALL His people, or that He would send me so far just to be an encouragement and to prove how great a love HE has. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and to be a part of a church that Loves God, Loves People and Makes Disciples!