Trisha’s Blog

This was positively one of the most rewarding, tiring trips I’ve ever taken. I have often heard people say “God will never give you more than you can handle.” I cringe every time I hear that phrase because I absolutely do NOT believe that! God never intended us to “handle” anything on our own strength. There is no way any of us could have done what we did this week without Him. From the stifling, suffocating heat, to the exhausting treks up small mountainous paths, to the truck rides that will have us all running to the chiropractor next week, there is nothing we could have done without Him.  On previous trips we have come here and done Bible stories and played with the school children. We have also come here and prayer walked in homes. Both of those types of trips can leave a person drained of energy. This week we did BOTH of those each day. It was a whole new level of tired. But it was also a whole new level of reward. Each night I went to bed wondering how I was going to get up the next morning and get my knees working. And each morning I woke up wondering why I ever doubted He would give me what I needed. Just as He did the Israelites in the wilderness, He gave us “just enough” to get through the day…no more, but certainly no less. There was an energy each day that could have only come from Him. It was such a joy to return to this country Mark and I (and our daughters) have come to love as a second home. A few years ago I wasn’t sure we would have the opportunity to come back here, and my heart grieved. I thank God every time I remember my Honduran friends, and I am so grateful for the chance to get to hug their necks and breathe the same air as them again.  And the Chorti villagers…what can I say? Those people are true survivors! They are living in the worst of conditions, barely getting their families fed, and yet they are so happy when people come to see them. They are always smiling, always taking time to greet strangers from a faraway place, and always patient with our pitiful attempts at their beautiful language. They are hardworking, humble, and gracious. My heart breaks for the way they are treated. We have many groups in our country who talk about being “oppressed”. The Chorti villagers are TRULY oppressed. And yet, there is a spirit among the Believers in the villages that would put all of us to shame. They don’t blame others for their circumstances, and they thank God for what they do have. I am grateful for another opportunity to serve alongside my hermanas and hermanos from Honduras. I will return as many times as God allows it! I am also grateful for the prayer warriors back home who knew just what to pray and just when to pray it. Thank you for answering the call to get on your knees! We love you all and can’t wait to share this experience with you!