Edgardo’s Ordination Service

Saturday, October 14      Greetings from beautiful Honduras! What a trip it’s already been, and we have only been here one full day.      The roads from San Pedro Sula to Copan were the worst we have ever seen them when we came in yesterday. Prior to our coming, they have had heavy rains for many days. The rains caused mudslides, and washed out the road in many places. The going was slow as we had to stop many times to wait for heavy equipment to clear things up and get out of the way. Road construction/repair work in Honduras is not for “scaredy cats”! Roads wash out easily, and many times the workers are on the edge of a mountain in those big machines. It took much longer than usual, but we made good use of our time by napping on the way. We finally made it to Copan where we reconnected with old friends and ate dinner at our favorite place…Jim’s Pizza. It was also great to see Garrison and PJ Jones. Garrison is from Seminole. He and his wife, PJ, are teaching at the Mayatan school here in Copan.       This is my 9th trip to this beautiful country and I’m not sure we’ve ever done the exact same thing twice. This trip is no exception. This is completely different for several reasons. First, it will be the shortest amount of time we’ve ever stayed here. Second, I’ve never been here in October. But most important of all, we got to experience a first among the Chorti people. The purpose of this trip was to take part in the ordination of Edgardo, the native Chorti who has worked so hard to spread the Gospel among his people. He was ordained as a missionary by the Honduras Evangelistic Association to continue the work God started with the Chorti people several years ago. This morning Chorti from many villages gathered at a church in Copan to witness this event. Many had to leave their villages before dawn to make the trip down the mountains to get to town…hours of walking and hitching rides. Their dedication is like nothing I’ve ever seen in the States. As the members of the HEA asked him questions and listened to his testimony those of us observing knew that Edgardo truly was called by God “for such a time as this”. His wife, youngest daughter, parents, and siblings looked on with pride. It was a blessing to get to experience this ceremony firsthand. God has used Edgardo in such a mighty way already, and I have no doubt He’s only just scratched the surface of what He’s going to do in Edgardo’s life.       Please pray for Edgardo and his family as they continue God’s work. Satan knows Edgardo is a powerful man of God, and we must pray for protection for him and his family. Pray for the Chorti, who have so little by American standards, but who sacrifice so much to teach their families and others in their villages about Jesus and His Love. Pray for Steve and Audrey, who spend six months out of the year here making sure these people know they are loved by God and by fellow Believers in the States.      Thank you for your prayers. As always they are felt, and appreciated.