Sunday, October 15, 2017

I know I say this quite often, but what a blessing today was! After another wonderful breakfast cooked by Yadira, we left the Mission House around 8:00 to go to the village of Mira Mundo to worship with the people who live there. We drove on pavement about 30 minutes before taking a dirt road and heading up the mountain. We literally drove through clouds this morning as the sky was overcast, clouds were low, and we were going straight up. There were places where the road was washed out and the going was rough, but the end result was worth the trip. After another thirty minutes of driving the mountain road we reached the church. People in the States usually get the wrong idea when we talk about going “to church”. For a while now the villagers had gathered in the village leader’s home. Many people would crowd into a small room and worship for hours. And they never complained. They didn’t know any different, and were just happy praising Jesus, singing praises, and hearing Scripture. Recently a church in Arkansas spent time in the village building them a church. It is a concrete slab with a covering, similar to a tabernacle. In the midst of the beauty of the Honduran mountains it is a breathtaking place to worship! When we first arrived a few people were already gathered there. As others began trickling in some of the men began strumming their guitars and singing…an impromptu choir practice. Children were slowly making their way closer to us. When I pulled out my phone and showed one of the boys how to take a picture, I was surrounded by new friends! Next they sang songs. One of the songs brought tears to my eyes even though I didn’t understand a word! The harmony was beautiful and they sang with such passion. Garrison and PJ later told me that was a popular praise song here, asking the Holy Spirit to come to them. They have it downloaded on iTunes. I plan on finding it and adding it to my playlist. I wish I had recorded it.  Mark Reeves, the pastor of the church in Arkansas, brought the message while Emilio translated. We thought it was fitting for Mark R. to be the first “Gringo” to preach in the church he helped build. His message was out of Acts 2:1-12. It was a wonderful message and I took notes the best I could, but I’m not going to lie…between the beauty surrounding us and the two little boys fascinated by my note taking, it was difficult to keep up. They would lean in real close and watch me write. I finally handed them my pen and told them to write their names. Several wrote their names in my sermon notes. I will keep those notes forever. After Mark R. preached, Edgardo spoke, the village leader spoke, and several others from the village spoke. No one is bothered by the length of the service, no one is distracted by children running through, and no one cares about barking dogs, clucking chickens, or any of the other noises that would be frowned upon in the States. These precious people just want to worship Jesus any way they can with whoever will worship with them. After many hugs, a little more singing, and a “few” more pictures we headed back down the mountain to the house. Yadira had a great meal waiting on us. After lunch we rested, walked into town to shop, then had dinner at Jim’s.  Tomorrow will be our hardest day…we will be going to two villages, and one will require walking across a narrow, swinging bridge, with some walking after that. Pray for strong knees and healthy bodies. Thank you so much for your prayers…they are felt and appreciated.