I came in Monday morning and began a new week of work. There is a new week of sermons, Bible Studies, school work, and church administration. It is such a blessing to be serving God in a place so full of ministry opportunity. This “opportunity” can also be a giant burden on those serving in the work of the ministry. We all feel the pressures of engaging in the hard work of raising a family, maintaining a profession, and still finding time for spiritual things. This morning we were late to school again. While Kathryn and I were making lunches, packing school bags, and making breakfast all the boys were doing their Bible Study. The problem was that they had not even gotten ready for school yet! We were ready to walk out the door, and they appeared to have just gotten out of bed. I began scolding them to rush to the table to eat breakfast and run and get dressed. They countered my aggression with a valid argument. They defiantly yelled back, “Dad did you not tell us that our Bible study and time with God must come first every day?” They are smart boys. On one hand they were wrong. Bible study must not replace responsibility to be to school on time. We have to set our alarm earlier, work harder, and sacrifice more to have the time with God we need. On the other hand, how do you scold your children when they are all excitingly reading their Bible’s before school? It was a tough dilemma. We were late to school again, but the boys read their Bible. We will try to make both happen tomorrow. I came to the office afterward and opened my schedule for the week. It was full. I color code my calendar events. Personal events are green, church activities are blue, and doctoral deadlines are red. Every day this week looked like a rainbow of colors. Immediately the stress began to rise. I was quickly overwhelmed by my schedule. My Bible sat beside me unopened. I had not listened to my own sermon. I read this morning about the parting of the Red Sea. It just happened to be the text for that day. He led His people with a cloud and with fire. Plagues were sent on behalf of the people of God. Pharaoh melted before the almighty hand of God. The Israelites worshipped. History was forever changed. Thirty minutes later I closed my Bible. I was overwhelmed by the power of God in His Word. My calendar did not seem as daunting anymore. My stress over an overwhelmed schedule was not a problem of time management. It was a spiritual problem. I had an overwhelmed schedule because I had an underwhelmed soul. We all get overwhelmed from time to time. Perhaps we are overwhelmed by the world because we are underwhelmed in our spiritual life. Do you have an overwhelmed life because you have an underwhelmed soul?  

Daniel Harper