Spiritual Cracks

I had the pleasure of visiting the dentist office this week. Evidently I had an old filling with a hairline crack in it. The dentist said that the tiny crack allowed some tooth rot onto my tooth. The idea of the use of the word “rot” in connection with anything in my mouth was uncomfortable. Thankfully she was able to drill out the old filling and remove the rot before it ruined the tooth. I was surprised that such a microscopic crack was going to ruin my entire tooth. This got me to thinking about our spiritual lives. Is there any area in our lives that we have cracked, where the enemy can get in? What about watching things on TV that are questionable or reading books that do not honor God? Have we been a party to gossip? Have we spoken harshly to someone or held on to bitterness? Have we embraced a theological idea that is not entirely Biblical? Are our relationships pure and do they encourage us in our walk with God? Do we pray daily and read God’s Word? John 10:10 warns us that our enemy seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. He is looking for even the smallest cracks to bring spiritual rot into our lives. Take time this week to get some spiritual “filling” of your own to make sure that rot has no place in your life!!