The ants get it !

I had to deal with an ant infestation yesterday. The carpenter ants found a cardboard box in storage that they loved to eat and nest in. There were millions of the little ants. I discarded the box and washed the ants away with a water hose. I watched as the panicked ants scrambled to save their nest. It was amazing to see the small ants carrying the eggs on their backs. To the ant the torrential downpour from my water hose must have felt like Niagara Falls. Still the ants fought valiantly to save their eggs. I was amazed when I returned that evening to find the ant pile had returned. The ants had formed a massive line and were each carrying an egg on their back. I had washed them a good fifty feet away down the concrete driveway. The ants were willing to go to great lengths to save the life inside those eggs. There future depended upon it. I am going to be a bit bold in this week’s newsletter article so brace yourself. The small ant brain understood something that we humans have forgotten. They understand the value of life, and they knew that what wiggled in those little white sacks was worth saving. We live in a day and age in which human life, which is infinitely more valuable than the ant in that we are made in God’s image, has been devalued at every stage. We see this devaluing of life in its earliest and latest stages the most. Babies are aborted, the disabled are cast aside, and seniors are neglected once they have outlived their usefulness to society. I did a funeral this weekend for an elderly gentleman. I shared about his life, legacy, family, and most of all his faith. Funerals like that are becoming more and more rare. The cost involved, the hassle, and the emotional toll are just considered too much to bear. I still hold the belief that we ought to honor someone in death. We do that because we value their life. We value life in the womb and we value life when it is old and frail. We value life because it is a gift from God. This is not a political question, and I do not mean this as a scientific argument. It was just an observation in nature. Psalm 139:14 reminds us that “we are fearfully and wonderfully made!” I just want to say with utmost certainty that life matters.