Vacation Bible School 2019

I am writing this article from the third session of the mission’s class in our Vacation Bible School. There are 25 excited children learning about missions in the Amazon. They are tasting wild mango, peanuts from the Amazon jungle, and drinking a mango pineapple drink. Yesterday they tasted soursop nectar from Puerto Rico and sampled some popular candy from Puerto Rico. Later in the week the kids will learn about missions in South Africa, and Taiwan. There are many more taste to come including biltong jerky, tapioca pearl bubble tea, piquante peppers, and even dry seaweed! The music is bebopping down the hallway, recreation is wild as ever, the craft room is full of busy hands and smiling faces, the food is good, and every class is having a great time! I love Vacation Bible School, and First Baptist Church in De Leon, Texas is in its element with kids running up and down our hallways! You guys are all rocking it! I wanted to give you some statistics provided by Lifeway concerning VBS. Every summer there are 2.5 million kids at VBS! Churches discover 155,244 prospects for ministry and outreach. Each VBS results in each child receiving over 5 hours of Bible, missions, and worship instruction in one week! Vacation Bible School children collect $6,526,962 to be given to missions. Each summer Vacation Bible School results in 1383 decisions to follow God into ministry or missions. Most importantly there are 70,135 salvation decisions each summer at Vacation Bible School. That means that we have more than 2.5 million reasons to pour ourselves into the week of ministry we call Vacation Bible School! Thank you for serving in this vitally important summer ministry!