Who are you following ?

Most of you know that one of my weaknesses in life is a lack of an internal compass. I get lost easily. This week I followed behind the hearse to Hico cemetery. It was one of the longest processions I have ever been in. Traveling behind me were 20 other cars. It made me nervous just thinking about how one wrong turn could quite possibly lead the entire entourage to the wrong place. I was especially careful to just follow Todd as he led the way. I was thankful that I could relax, and not be the one in the lead. I was both a follower and a leader. As I thought about my position in the procession, I also considered the position we all have in life. We are all simultaneously called to be both followers and leaders. The apostle Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 11:1, “Imitate me as I imitate Christ.” Two lessons can be easily seen from this verse. First, we are all called to follow Christ. We must passionately and wholeheartedly keep our eyes on Him in order not to get lost in this world. Secondly, we must remember that we are called to be disciple makers. We are called to lead others to follow Christ also. Many people follow our example. We may think that we are alone in our walk of faith, but all of us if we turn around will find someone not far behind. This means we must ensure that we follow Christ so that those that follow us will follow him also. We are all both followers and leaders! Who are you following? May we follow hard after Christ! Who is following you! May we lead people to Christ daily by our example!  

Daniel Harper